Thursday, 30 July 2009

They Reminisce

Pete Rock and CL Smooth were one of my favourite hip-hop duos from the early-mid nineties. They Reminisce Over You(T.R.O.Y) in my opinion is one of the most classic hip-hop tracks ever produced. I remember when I was in High school I used listen to WKNC, N.C. State's college radio station which had an underground hip-hop show on weeknights. I think I remember it running till 2am, so as that was quite late for a school night, I would go to sleep and record the program on cassette. I would wake up the next day with all these hip-hop gems and songs I had never heard before. It was quite thrilling when I would discover that I had happened to record a song I particularly favoured. One of which was Pete & CL's T.R.O.Y. Remix. I always tried to find this remix on the internet and on mixtapes to no avail. All I could find was the T.R.O.Y. vibes mix, which was similar, but it contained this really annoying xylophone sample. Now some fifteen years later (I lost that cassette ages ago) I've finally came upon the right song again. Well pretty much, I don't remember the chick singing in it, but perhaps the DJ cut it up and cut out her chorus. But anyways, this song has always stuck in my head and I am constantly reminded of it whenever I watch Jeff Pang's Skypager part.

In 1998, Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth put out an EP called Never Coming Out and that song is the last track. Download the EP here.

Friday, 24 July 2009

The good ole days

The intro and friends section of the 3D Innovations video "Messin' Around." Boston Massachusetts 1997. Khakis, Cargo pants, and White sneakers...

London July 2009

Steez! (The new/next Nugget?)

Smasher and Hold Tight Henry.

Massan and Kyle were in town from NYC riding their fixed geared bikes from London to Paris!

Dislocated Shoulder

8 Helicopters

Sunday, 5 July 2009